Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We Love Fire Trucks!

This past Sunday we were so lucky to pass by the Newport Beach Fire Station in Fashion Island. They were having a Public Safety Day. They had a police & fire tour, rescue units display, and live demonstrations. It was awesome! We saw and sat inside a real rescue helicopter, motorcycle, wave runner (for the life guards), firetruck, ambulance and so much more. The kids and us were amazed! We actually think is better than the Fire Authority Open House they have every year in October because you get to see basically the same things but less crowded.

The boys in the Search & Rescue Helicopter

Riding the Newport Beach Lifeguard's Wave Runner or Sea-Doo (not sure what this is called).

The boys participated in a practice of what to do when your house in on fire. They were all in bed, then dropped to the floor when they heard the alarm. They all felt the door to see if it was hot and then climbed out the ladder (that you should have if you sleep on the 2nd story of your house.) And then meet at a meeting spot with your family. (We really should practice with the boys, but they are both still so young.)

This next thing was the coolest thing we saw. They had a real fire they simulated and they put it out in front of us. Everyone was excited to see this. And the fire was really hot!

What a fun Family Sunday!

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