Saturday, November 7, 2009

Las Vegas with Lolo & Lola

The boys both had school off this last Thursday and Friday, so we took a road trip to visit my parents in Las Vegas. We visit every few months whenever the boys have days off of school. The boys love visiting their Lolo & Lola (grandma & grandpa in Tagalog). We had a great time just hanging out with them. While in Las Vegas, I did some shopping at the Premium Outlets without kids. It was so nice! We also had some fun winning stuffed animals and small toys at Circus Circus. One day we visited The Southern Nevada Zoo. This zoo was actually a lot of fun. Its a small zoo that was less than a block. At this zoo they had goats, ostriches, different types of monkeys, tortoises, a lion or cougar, and a gorilla. But our favorite animal we saw were these big rodents. The zoo keepers were feeding the animals and these rodents must not have been hungry. Instead they were picking up there food and digging them in the ground. I read that they hide their food so they can have food later, when they are hungry. It was just funny watching them all scurry to dig there food. If you ever have a couple of hours to spare while in Vegas, come and check it out.

The boys love going to Circus Circus and playing all the games. We won over 700 tickets this day but I cannot remember what prizes they brought home. It must not have been that good.
At the Southern Nevada Zoo
"Wild Things Happen at the Zoo"


  1. Thanks Abby! We did have a great time. We always do....