Friday, November 13, 2009

Upcoming Thanksgiving Vacation

During Thanksgiving Break, my husband has the entire week off. So we have decided to take a mini vacation before heading to his parent's house for Thanksgiving. I am so excited about this vacation. We are headed to the Grand Canyon to ride on the Polar Express train to visit Santa Claus. My boys will be so excited. They both LOVE the Polar Express movie. Every Christmas they watch it over and over until we are all sick of watching it. We actually do get sick of watching it but I love how they love it. We sing the songs and we drink hot chocolate and sing "Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot Chocolate." They boys have no clue about the Polar Express train ride. They just know we are going to Grand Canyon. (Polar Express actually helped me to get my oldest son to take pictures with Santa. This movie made our Santa pictures great! Now they both love Santa and can't wait to make cookies for him.) I'll keep you posted after we get back...

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  1. This sounds so fun! The boys will love it... Are you going to take them to see The Christmas Carol? My little one wants to see that, but she wants to see Planet 51 more! :) I have already began shopping for you guys for the Secret Santa shop.. I have more to get but I have to beat the deadline to ship :)