Sunday, November 29, 2009

Polar Express Train Photos

At the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel

Polar Express Train

Polar Express Train

What I want for Christmas

Mailing his letter to Santa

I want a remote control santa choo choo

Mailing his letter to Santa

Waving to the Polar Express Train

The Hot Chocolate Chefs

Going through the "special" lights to bring us to the

North Pole

The North Pole!

Bye Santa!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Week - Part 1 - Polar Express

We are finally back from our Thanksgiving break vacation! It was a great week! We went from Grand Canyon to Avondale (Phoenix) to Chatsworth (the Valley). A lot of driving but worth every bit of it. We had a great time just with the 4 of us at the Grand Canyon and then visiting family at Avondale & Chatsworth.

I'll start with our 1st stop - Williams, AZ to go on the Polar Express Train. It was a long day of driving but it was all worth it. When we arrived to Williams, it was just a small town on the way to the Grand Canyon. As soon as we arrived at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, we saw the Grand Canyon Train and I got excited for our big night. As it got dark, you could feel the holiday spirit. Holiday lights were everywhere and you saw the Polar Express stuff everywhere. The boys were so excited when they found out about the Polar Express. Trevor, my oldest son, couldn't wait to go on the Polar Express. During dinner he just wanted to hop on the train.

Finally its 8 pm and we line up for our Polar Express train ride. We all wait for our train to arrive and both boys get excited as we see the Polar Express coming. Yeah!! As the Polar Express comes near, you can see the "hot chocolate" chefs waving to all us incoming passengers. Trevor gets so excited. He tells me that they are waving to him. On board the train, you are greeted with music from the Polar Express. Everything about this night was just so magical. We all got chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate, just like the children did on the Polar Express. We also went through a special lighted tunnel that brought us to the North Pole. And after the tunnel, we arrived at the North Pole. All the kids were so excited to see Santa and his elf. Santa then boarded our train and visited with all the kids. And both Trevor & Tyler were just so excited to wait for their turn with Santa. You can hear all these bells ringing throughout the train and my boys have no clue what the bells are from. When Santa finally visited with Trevor & Tyler, they were so excited. Santa gave them each a special bell, just like the one from the movie. We all also received special Polar Express "Believe" tickets before leaving the train. The night was great!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Today after school, my son tells me something so special. He tells me that he is thankful for his family. It just meltes my heart to hear him say that.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Upcoming Thanksgiving Vacation

During Thanksgiving Break, my husband has the entire week off. So we have decided to take a mini vacation before heading to his parent's house for Thanksgiving. I am so excited about this vacation. We are headed to the Grand Canyon to ride on the Polar Express train to visit Santa Claus. My boys will be so excited. They both LOVE the Polar Express movie. Every Christmas they watch it over and over until we are all sick of watching it. We actually do get sick of watching it but I love how they love it. We sing the songs and we drink hot chocolate and sing "Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot Chocolate." They boys have no clue about the Polar Express train ride. They just know we are going to Grand Canyon. (Polar Express actually helped me to get my oldest son to take pictures with Santa. This movie made our Santa pictures great! Now they both love Santa and can't wait to make cookies for him.) I'll keep you posted after we get back...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Las Vegas with Lolo & Lola

The boys both had school off this last Thursday and Friday, so we took a road trip to visit my parents in Las Vegas. We visit every few months whenever the boys have days off of school. The boys love visiting their Lolo & Lola (grandma & grandpa in Tagalog). We had a great time just hanging out with them. While in Las Vegas, I did some shopping at the Premium Outlets without kids. It was so nice! We also had some fun winning stuffed animals and small toys at Circus Circus. One day we visited The Southern Nevada Zoo. This zoo was actually a lot of fun. Its a small zoo that was less than a block. At this zoo they had goats, ostriches, different types of monkeys, tortoises, a lion or cougar, and a gorilla. But our favorite animal we saw were these big rodents. The zoo keepers were feeding the animals and these rodents must not have been hungry. Instead they were picking up there food and digging them in the ground. I read that they hide their food so they can have food later, when they are hungry. It was just funny watching them all scurry to dig there food. If you ever have a couple of hours to spare while in Vegas, come and check it out.

The boys love going to Circus Circus and playing all the games. We won over 700 tickets this day but I cannot remember what prizes they brought home. It must not have been that good.
At the Southern Nevada Zoo
"Wild Things Happen at the Zoo"

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dino Dash Race

This morning, we had a family race day. We all signed up for the Dinosaur Dash. Dino Dash is a race that benefits the Tustin Unified School District and the Dino Dash actually has 3 races to choose from: 10K, 5K & 2K. Ben did the 10K, I did the 5K and Trevor & Tyler did the 2K. It was a great morning of us all cheering each other on. I am so proud of Trevor. He ran the entire 2K with Ben in about 15 minutes! Yeah Trevor!

We will be doing our next family race Sunday, December 13th - Make Room for Santa.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Friends & Family!