Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Best Snow Ever in Big Bear

We were so lucky to have plans to go to Big Bear after their biggest storm in about 30 years. They had the most snowfall in such a short amount of time. It was beautiful there!

On our way up the 18 freeway through Lucerne, cars were sliding left and right with chains on. It was scary. But as you go up and mountain, all you see is snow and it's a lot of snow. I was amazed and excited!

Check out our pictures along the way...

Driving on the 215 to Big Bear

On the 18 through Lucerne

On the 18 (where Ben put our snow chains on) There's more and more snow Going up Look at all the snow! Passing by a snow plow We are getting more and more excited Almost there! Passing by Big Bear Lake Passing by Stater Brothers and Vons The parking lot of our condo - There is a car under there! We're here! We're here! Look out our porch! Snow as high as us and icicles.

More of our weekend will follow...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Simply Fondue Birthday Dinner

For my birthday, we went to dinner at Simply Fondue in Mission Viejo (2 weeks late since we had some sick people at home). I love fondue and try out whatever new fondue restaurant is in town. So when I saw Simply Fondue in San Juan Capistrano a few months back, we had to go. We also heard that kids eat free on Sunday from OC Kid's Eat Out , so we decided to bring our boys and do a fondue night with them.

To get them prepared for the big fondue night, we told the boys about the chocolate dessert we get at the end of dinner. That really got them excited. Here are some pictures of our fun night.

Getting Ready


Our Dinner Cooking
The Best Part - Dessert!!

What a fun birthday dinner! Thanks boys!

Someone got a new bed

My oldest son, Trevor, is turning 5 soon so we decided that he needed a big kid bed. He was sleeping in his crib that was converted into a toddler bed. Over the holidays, he received big kid bed sheets from his Grama that he picked out himself. So yesterday we finally took his toddler bed/crib apart and converted it to a full size bed. It was such an exciting day. He was so excited and wanted to be surprised. And he was surprised and loved sleeping in his big kid bed. Now his brother wants a big kid bed. :)

Trevor's Room Before

Trevor's New Room & Bed

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Favorite Stuffed Animal

Favorite Animal: Daddy Dog
You can see the love he has for Daddy Dog

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Farm Fresh to You

So I signed up for this new program for fresh organic produce delivered to my house from Farm Fresh to You. I choose the small mixed produce box (includes vegetables and fruits) and it normally cost $25. For 1st time customers, you get a $10 discount and I am only paying $15 for this first box. I decided to try them out not only for the discount but also because:
1. You can choose to have your delivery every week, every other week, every month or whenever you need it. I choose once a month.
2. You can tell them what produce you do not want and they will replace it with other items that you do want. I haven't tried this yet, but I am looking forward to this.
3. They deliver your produce box right up to your door.

This morning I left my house at 9 am and found this great box in front of my door.

And here is what I got...

Navel Oranges (2 lbs), Eureka Lemons (1.5 lb), Braeburn Apples (2 lbs), Bacon Avocados (2), White Mushrooms (0.5 lb), Collard Greens (1 bunch), Red Leaf Lettuce (1 bunch), Leeks (1 lb)

So I think I will be making some yummy lemon bars, having a healthy salad, sauteing mushrooms, and eating fresh fruits. But I am stuck on the collard greens and leeks. And suggestions?

I'll let you know how my other produce boxes go...

Disneyland for my Birthday

Another Disney birthday.... This time it was my birthday! A few days ago, Trevor actually told my husband that we should do Mommy's favorite thing for her birthday - Go to Disneyland. :)

Starting our day off on the tram rides

Family Picture
In front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle
On the Matterhorn for the 1st time (Trevor & Tyler's 1st time)

Merry Go Round @ Fantasyland

Happy Birthday to me!

Birthdays are so much fun, especially for the kids. For my birthday, my boys woke me up in the morning and sang "Happy Birthday to you" and gave me these cute plates they made (with the help of my husband).

the front of my beautiful plates
(Trevor choose Christmas designs and Tyler picked a turtle)

the back of the plate
(their cute hand print)

my birthday cake
(Yummy chocolate - sooo good!)
I think my boys had more fun than I did.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Big Bear 2009

We love going to Big Bear during the winter! We love snowboarding and we love playing in the snow!

During our winter break, we spent a couple of days in Big Bear. Ben & I were able to snowboard one morning and Trevor took a snowboarding lesson at the same time. It was perfect! The snow was great and the weather was perfect. Not too cold and not too warm. We also had Tyler try snowboarding on the mountain. On our last day, we went snow tubing at Big Bear Snow Play. It was so much fun! This was the first time for all of us.

Our Snowboarding kid

Heading down the mountainDown
And through the markers
Snow Angels
Tyler's a little snowboarder too
Snow Tubing
Down they go
Mommy & Tyler
On the kid's mini mountain

What a fun time in Big Bear!