Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another Big Bear Trip

We love the snow!  This year we have been so fortunate to have the best snow ever at Big Bear since we have been alive.   It's awesome!  And you can see it in the snow conditions on the slopes. 

So this past weekend, we took another Big Bear trip with some friends of ours and had a balst!  Awesome snow and great friends.  What a good combo!

Here are some highlights of our trip.  You can also watch a video of Trevor skiing down the Summit Run here.

On the lift with our friend, Jessica

I am going off a jump. I am actually off the ground!

Ben flying!
We found our kids at their lessons - This is Tyler going up the bunny hill lift.

Ben and Trevor went out on the slope in the afternoon, and this is them on the lift going up the bunny hill lift.

Trevor on the Summit Run

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Trevor

Today my big kid turns 5!  He's just growing up everyday...

Feb 16, 2005

February 16, 2007

Today - February 2010


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2nd Annual Pink Swap

So I was a little busy with blog swaps.  I did a second swap with Monograms and Manicures.  She was hosting her 2nd Annual Pink Swap.  I decided to do this swap because my favorite color is pink.  It was calling my name.  I was paired with with Anita for this swap.  Anita was very sweet and I received a beautiful package.

My favorite thing I received from her is the personalized note cards.  They are very cute with my first inital on them.  The other items I received are more heart pasta, another note cube with a pen, some bubblegum, pink smelly body spray from Bath & Body Works, cute Valentine's Day kitchen towels, Hersey Kisses (which were delicious and all gone), pink lip gloss (which I also love), 2 hearts cups for my boys (they love it and it has lights that blink when you press a button), 2 packs of Wriggly gum (my dad use to always chew these - reminds me of him) and a cute doggie card.  As you can see, all of my items she packed had cute pink & light green ribbon around them.  Loved it!  Too cute! 
Thank you Anita!

Blogger's Valentine's Swap

Gift Guide

Another fun holiday swap from The Mommy-Files.  I was matched with Stacey from One Domestic Darling and I received and awesome package from her.  Come check it out:

I received a package of heart pasta, a red & white note pad with pen, a white & red washcloth, my favorite valentine candy (conversation hearts), 2 pancake heart molds and 3 heart straws (2 for my boys).  I already know what I will be making for Valentine's Day - heart pancakes for breakfast & heart pasta for dinner.  I love it all, especially the conversation heart!   (They are almost gone).  Thank You Stacey!!

Wordless Wednesday: Who's that in the Water?

At one of our visits to California Adventures, my friend took this awesome picture of my son behind a water tank.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fresh Farm to You

Another yummy produce box!  This month was even better than last month.  Check it out:
Navel Oranges (2), Haas Avocadoes (1), Butternut Squash (2 lbs), Broccoli (1 lb), Green Leaf Lettuce (1 bunch), Cucumbers (1lb), Carrots (1 bunch)

I did notice that I was suppose to get 3 Fuji Apples and a replacement for 1 lb of savoy cabbage (since I put cabbage on my vegetables I do not want).  I called them and they will add the missing items to my next box.  Perfect!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Flashback Fridays

I actually found this photo from my High School friend's Facebook page.  (Thanks Missy!)
This is me and my friends senior years in high school before some senior activity.  (I am wearing the white shirt.)

And MOMS Club friends, you may recognize this frog from our coffee club mornings.  I never thought I would have kids playing on this frog. 

Disneyland iPhone App - MouseWait

I love my iPhone, especially the fun Apps you get to put on them.  What I especially love is the Disneyland application I found.  Its called MouseWait.  When we visit Disneyland or California Adventures, I always click on the app to see the wait time for my kids favorite rides.  It is so simple to use.  You click on the park you are going to and then you look for your ride.  It tells you the wait time someone else had at a certain time.  You also can contribute and tell them your wait time.  The best part of this app is that it is free!  I love it and always use it at both parks.  I recommend this to all Disney passholders.

Daddy's New Car

Last week, my husband bought his new Toyota Tacoma.  He was so excited that we had to take it out to dinner that  night.  The kids were even more excited about it.  Just look and see...
Our future driver in 13 years
He can't wait to bring it up to the snow....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More of Big Bear Jan 2010

While we were in Big Bear, we had the best time!  Ben & I were able to go snowboarding and the kids took a ski lesson.  We also got to go sledding in front of our condo.  Literally in front of our door.  There was snow everywhere! 

Here are some pictures of our adventures in Big Bear:

In front of Snow Summit
Ski School
On the mountain
Big Bear Lake is right behind us.  Isn't it beautiful!
Tyler going down the "bunny hill"
Trevor cruising down
Tyler on the ski lift
Snow Angels
Snow Play in Front of the Condo
Our little snowmand we built
We had an awesome trip to Big Bear.  Can't wait to go next month!