Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Batman Birthday Party

One of Trevor's friend had the coolest birthday party.  Actually his mom was awesome!  The theme was Batman.  She makes the yummiest desserts.  Atleast they all look yummy.  For her son's birthday, she made his Batman cake in Gothan City.  She also made these yummy Bathman cookies.  Check out pictures of the fun brithday...

Yummy Batman Cookies

Each kid received Batman braceletes after their 1st game

Pinata Time - Batman

Tyler showing off his cool Batman bracelet and his candy from the pinata

This was a cool Batman cake!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Flashback

Easter 2009
Easter at Home

Easter 2008
South Coast Plaza (Crystal Court) Easter Bunny

Easter 2007
South Coast Plaza Easter Bunny

Easter 2006
Easter ay Grama & Poppa's House

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring MiteBall & T-Ball

This spring both boys are signed up for baseball through Irvine Pony Baseball.  It's very exciting!  This is Trevor's 4th and Tyler's 1st season playing baseball.  They are both very excited.  Trevor's team is the Ray's and Tyler is the Angels

Trevor's 1st game for him was last weekend and he was awesome!  He did a great job hitting the ball, running the bases and playing in the field.  We are very proud of him.  Go Rays!

Tyler has been loving baseball.  Ben is the head coach for his team.  Tyler has also been doing a great job during his games.  He is able to hit the ball, run to the correct bases, and can field a ball (throw and catch).  At his 1st game, he actually caught a ball (it was all a coincidence, but it was great.)  He is having a great time!

Here are some pictures from both boys games...

Trevor playing the pitcher position
Great hit Trevor!
Running to 1st Base
Heading Home!
The last 2 innings are coach pitched

Tyler's 1st Game - March 6, 2010
Getting ready to hit the bal
Running to 3rd base
Heading home - Run Tyler, Run!
Tyler playing inn field
Great Hit!
Playing 1st Base

Friday, March 26, 2010

OC Mud Run

In about a month from now, I will be doing the Orange County Mud Run.  I am very excited but nervous since this will be my first time doing a mud run.  Two of my girlfriends will be doing it with me so it will be a ton of fun.  It will be on Saturday, April 24th at 9 am at the Irvine Great Park.  They have a 5K, 10K and 2 kid runs.  I will be doing the 5K.  I did ask my Trevor if he wanted to do the kid's mud run and he said he was scared, so maybe next year I can get him down there.  So now I am training to get myself ready for another 5K since my last 5K race was back in December.  Wish me luck and I'll post pictures after the race.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Show Us Your Life - A Typical Star Day

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Obviously my day various since I have 2 kids in preschool on oppposite days, but here is what my "typical" day looks like:

5:30/6 am - Kids wake up
7 am - I wake up, shower, and get ready for the day / Kids also get ready
8 am - breakfast for the gang and getting ready to go to school
8:45 am - Off to school
9 am - Drop one of the boys off at school
9:15 am to 11:30 or 12:30 pm - While one of my boys are in school, I get to spend "quality" time with my other guy.  This consist of gymnastic class, art class, quick trip to Disneyland, playdate with friends, MOMS Club activities, or just plain fun errands!  And on some days, I go to the gym for some me time, while I drop my kid off at the gym babysitting.
11:30/12:30 pm to 3 pm - We sometimes have playdates with friends like our Monday Buddies or our Tuesday Friends.  On other days, we may visit a local museum until nap time.  And then there are the days we just head home.
3 pm to 5 pm - Nap time for the little guy & I get to rest or catch up on house stuff
5 pm - Getting dinner ready
6 pm - Dinner then clean-up
The rest of the night usually is just us hanging at home until bath time.
8 pm - Bath time and then bed time for the kids
8:30 pm - The rest of the night is all mine!!! 
And I am a late owl and usually do not go to  bed till midnight or even later.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Trevor's 5th Race Car/Hotwheel Birthday Party

The big 5!  This was the birthday party that Trevor was really looking forward to.  He wanted his party at home and he wanted a hot wheel party.  I did try to pursuade him to have it at a park, so he can invite more friends and I would not have to worry about cleaning the house.  :)  He was very determined for a  house party, so that is what he got.  I do have to admit that I did have a lot of fun planninng this party.  Check out our fun day...

Invitation - Husband is so great and made this for me

 Party Details - Our theme was Race Car/Hot Wheels

When each friend arrived, they received a wooden car to color.  After all Trevor's friends arrived, we gathered the kids for a Race Car Derby using their wooden car they colored.  At the end of a race, all the kids received hot wheel medals.  (Trevor was very excited to pick these.)  Another game we played was relay races.  I painted 2 boxes and made them look like race cars with wheel and race car numbers on the side.  The kids got into 2 teams to race each other.  They wore race googles and helmets.  And then they were off.  Both teams raced and at the end they really didn't seem to care about winning.  They just had fun racing in the carboard racecars.  The last activity before cake was the Hot Wheel pinata.

Race Car Derby Time

Relay Races

Party Friends!

Pinata Time!!  Candy!

Race Car Hot Wheel Cake
(And I made it too!)

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Day Dear Trevor,
Happy Birthday to you!