Sunday, June 27, 2010

Road to My 1st 1/2 Marathon! (Week 5)

I am back on track again!  :)  I had a good week and I plan on having more better weeks.  I still need to work on my eating habits though.  Even though I am running and exercising more than before, I have not been able to lose any weight.  I think that I have been eating more and snacking more after the boys go to bed.  I need to kick the late night snacking habit. 

Coming up next week is my local community's 4th of July 5K race.  Looking forward to this.  My boys will be doing the 1 miles lake run too.  Wish us luck!

This week's training mileage: 12.5 miles

Monday:  Ran 5 miles
Tuesday:  1 Hr S.E.T. (strength endurance training) Class & 1 Hr Step Class
Wednesday:  Rest
Thursday:  Ran 4 miles
Friday:  Rest
Saturday:  Ran 3.5 Miles
Sunday:  1 Hr Step Class

11 Weeks until the big day 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Me & My Boys

 Here's another writer's workshop from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.  I chose promt #3. 

What does your child do that reminds you most of yourself? How does it make you feel?

This was very simple for me to think about.  Both of my boys does this same thing I do.  When I am concentrating on a project or activity, I tend to bite my toungue on the side.  I do not realize I even do it most of them time.  I think its cute that both of my boys have received this trait of mine.  This is probably one of the better traits they picked up of mine. 

Mama's Losin' It

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!!

On the Road to My 1st 1/2 Marathon! (Week 4)

I had a real slow week.  Getting sick at the end of last week did not help my training schedule.  So I am behind and need to pick up the pace next week.  This week I did not get to workout/train much.  I only got out 2 days. 

This week's training mileage: 6.5 miles

Monday:  Rest
Tuesday:  Rest
Wednesday:  Rest
Thursday:  Rest
Friday:  3 miles
Saturday:  3.5 miles
Sunday:  Rest

12 Weeks until the big day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Laguna Hills Memorial Weekend 5K Race

After signing up for the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon, I signed up the family for the Laguna Hills Memorial Weekend Race.  They had a 1/2 marathon, 5K, 1/2 kids race & a diaper dash for the younger kids.  I ran the 5K and the boys (Trevor & Tyler) ran the 1/2 mile kids race.  I was so proud of my boys.  Trevor's result for the 1/2 mile was 6:36 minutes ans Tyler's results was right behind Trevor at 7:24 minutes.  I was amazed they both did a great job!
Here are some picture from our fun morning.

The Finish Line
The Runners
Stretching with Daddy
Kids 1/2 Mile Race
Trevor Running
After the Kids 1/2 Mile Race
With their Winner's Medal

On the Road to My 1st 1/2 Marathon! (Week 3)

This week, I started feeling sick on Friday.  I had 3 days of no working out because I just didn't have the energy.  I am bummed that I lost those 3 days but I hope I will get back on track soon. 

This week's training mileage: 11 miles

Monday:  Run 3.5 miles
Tuesday:  Walk 1 mile
Wednesday:  Run 3 miles
Thursday:  Run 3.5 miles
Friday:  Rest
Saturday:  Rest
Sunday:  Rest

13 Weeks until the big day. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

30 Things I Vow To Do This Summer - Updated!

I heard about Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop from Angry Monday Julie's blog.  Every week there will be a few topics to write about.  It's meant to help you get creative and connect with other bloggers.  So I thought I would give it a try...   

30 Things I Vow To Do This Summer
1.  Complete my youngest son's 1st year scrapbook
2.  Train for my 1st 1/2 marathon this September
3.  Make a digital scrapbook of the family vacation to Hawaii that we went on with my family back in Nov 2009
4.  Take one day a week this summer to work on my many scrapbooks that I am very behind on
5.  Clean out the kid's old toys and get rid of them
6.  Get up to date on our household bills/Quicken
7.  Run 3-4 times a week
8.  Go to the gym 2 times a week
9.  Make more homemade lunches for the family
10.  Keep the fridge full of healthy fruit choices
11.  Go to Pretend City & Discovery Science Center more since we have annual passes - for too hot summer days (7/5)
12.  Take advantage of the boats they have for rent at our community lakes - I have rental passes ready to use!
13.  Take more bikes rides with the kids for nearby playdates & activities (6/18)
14.  Do a daily drawing/writing journal with my oldest son to get him ready for Kindergarten
15.  Make homemade ice cream with our ice cream maker
16.  Vaccuum once a week - atleast try to!
17.  Go to the beach more often
18.  Write in my blog about twice a week
19.  Have a girl's night out atleast once a month
20.  Have a date night with hubby once a month
21.  Make a real breakfast for the family (not just frozen pancakes)
22.  Really clean out my closet and get rid of pre-pregnancy clothes that I haven't worn in over 5 years  :(
23.  Start making money as a Notary Public
24.  Watch the next Twilight Series: Eclipse & Toy Story 3 in the movie theaters
25.  Go to Wild Rivers (6/22)
26.  Use our Disneyland pass before the summer black-out dates and watch Fantasmic! (6/21 World of Color too!) & (6/30 World of Color again)
27.  Stop snacking after the kids go to bed
28.  Update our picture wall
29.  Relax and not stress about being late
30.  Enjoy our summer!

Some of these thing have been on my to do list before so I hope I really follow through with it.  I will update when I get things done.

Mama's Losin' It

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On the Road to My 1st 1/2 Marathon!

So I think I have gone crazy!  A few weeks ago I signed up for a 1/2 marathon.  Just to let you know, I never ran a mile until last year when I had a goal of running a 5K race on the 4th of July.  And I did do it and was so proud I did.  My time isn't the best but I am a slow runner and I try my best. 

So in my local MOMS club there have been a few of us who have started runnig here and there a couple of months back for the Eco-Mud Run we did back in April.  After the mud run, some of us talked about another mud run in July.  A few others talked about a 10K for the 4th of July race.  And another few of us talked about the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon in September.  I have always thought a 1/2 marathon would be such a big accomplishment for me and that it would be cool to say that I have done one so...  I signed up!  On Sunday September 5th, I will be running my 1st 1/2 Marathon - the Disneyland Half Marathon.  I am excited but nervous at the same time.
So to get myself started, I plan on logging in my miles and activites for the week. 

I am currently on 3 week of my 1/2 marathon training, so I will post last week's training.

This week's training mileage:  11 miles
Monday:  Laguna Hills Memorial Weekend 5K Race
Tuesday:  50 minutes Step class
Wednesday:  3 miles Run
Thursday:  Rest
Friday:  1 miles Run/Walk
Saturday:  Rest
Sunday:  4 miles Run & 1 Hour Step Class

14 Weeks until the big day.