Thursday, February 24, 2011

Star Wars at Disneyland

We have a tradition for going to Dinseyland for the kid's birthdays.  So ofcourse for Trevor's 6th birthday, we all went to the big D-Land.  And since Trevor is finally 6 he wanted to do the Jedi training (which he has already done - but we have a rule of no Star Wars until you are 6.)  So we head to the Jedi training and we wait for the show to start.  Well, the floors were a little wet and they canceled the Jedi training.  Bum deal you figured, but we even got something better to do.  A Meet & Greet with the Star Wars cast!  It was awesome!  We have been watching the Jedi Training for over 2 years now and Trevor has been a Padawan twice so far and we have never been able to take pictures with any of them.  This was awesome!  (I think I was more excited that the boys.)

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